Collection: masksfortwoph

Masksfortwoph aims to provide protection and sustenance for impoverished neighborhoods drastically affected by COVID-19. With every purchase, you are able to: 

- Provide another abaca face mask, which is 7x more effective than ordinary cloth masks according to a study conducted by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), to an individual in need.
- Donate 100% of proceeds to Upskills+ Foundation Inc.’s feeding program for the poverty-stricken residents of Smokey Mountain.
- Support the handweaving livelihood project of the Banquerohan Resettlement Site Neighborhood Association (BRSNA) women, who were displaced by the 1992 Mayon Volcano explosion.
- Protect the environment and reduce waste from single-use face masks.

INCLUSIONS: Each mask comes with a pouch and thank you card.
REFUND POLICY: No returns and exchanges.

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